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Idel Neftemash LLC, formerly the Ishimbay oilfield equipment plant (IZNPO), is the only oil and gas engineering enterprise in the former Soviet Union that was built for the purpose of producing mobile units. The plant was launched in 1977 and since then the main activity of the company is the production of mobile drilling and lifting rigs for current, major repairs and drilling of oil and gas wells. Currently, more than 2,500 units manufactured by Idel Neftemash LLC are in operation in Russia and the CIS countries.

Today Idel Neftemash is a modern enterprise that has a rich production experience, modern and high-tech equipment, and highly qualified personnel. All this makes it possible to produce various high-quality oilfield equipment that meets all the requirements of oil and gas producers.

The main products of the company are mobile drilling rigs and lifting units for current and major repairs of oil and gas wells, with a load capacity from 80 to 160 tons and accessories for them. With unique capabilities, Idel Neftemash has combined the efforts and intellectual (creative) potential of the plant's personnel with the technical needs of its own two oil drilling companies, which allows us to accelerate the development and implementation of new products. The range of mobile units produced for drilling and well repair has been expanded.

Today Idel Neftemash produces mobile drilling rigs Idel-80, Idel-100, Idel-125, Idel-140, Idel-160 on various chassis and semi-trailers, a drilling swivel (VB-80, VB-100, VB-125), an operational swivel (VE-80, VE-100), a drilling rotor R-250 (hydraulic and mechanically driven), a drilling rotor Ru80x400, as well as tractor bases, bridges reception areas and bases for mobile lifting units of various modifications.

The manufactured equipment passes factory tests on the appropriate stands and meets the requirements of the regulations in the oil and gas industry in 2013.

A program of technical re-equipment of production is being implemented, and a foundry section has been put into operation, which fully covers its own need for casting. Technical Department (Department of the chief designer, chief technologist, chief Metallurgist and chief welder Department) is equipped with the latest technology and is supported by modern software. Design and production preparation are fully automated, which allows you to quickly modify the manufactured equipment and develop new ones.

Idel Neftemash has implemented and operates the quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000). The system is applied to the design, production and delivery of products. Every seventh worker of the main production works with a personal brand. To check whether the products meet the established requirements, the organization carries out quality control at all stages of the product life cycle. Special attention is paid to quality control of welded joints, for which non-destructive testing methods are used: ultrasonic testing, x-ray scanning, and flaw detection.

Oil and gas companies are working to replace morally and physically outdated equipment, thereby making high and strict requirements for safety, comfort, and especially for the efficiency and performance of mobile drilling rigs.

Understanding this situation, manufacturers of oilfield equipment in the conditions of intense competition direct their efforts to improve the manufactured equipment, accelerate the development and production of new products, and use innovative technologies.

Idel Neftemash LLC products are operated in the oilfield regions of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.